Bits and bytes to tenon joints

Stephen Barr, long resident in Edinburgh but originally from Northern Ireland, first came to the school on a one week introductory course.

He’s now embarked on our professional course, with a view to setting up in business in West Lothian.

Stephen previously had his own IT company employing more than 100 people, which he’s now sold.

It means that he has the freedom to pursue a second career in woodworking which he’s long been passionate about.

Stephen has also learned a great deal from Isa Dorster over the past couple of weeks, learning how to visualise in 3D and commit his design ideas to paper.

His first project is likely to be a writing desk which he’s provisionally called AEKI, for the very good reason that it spells IKEA backwards.

Our one week introductory courses provide students with an opportunity to see if woodworking really is for them with the further advantage being that, should you decide to enroll for our professional course, the cost of your short course is refundable in full.

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