Second calling for Canadian student

Paul Hartman from Alberta, Canada comes to us with a great deal of woodworking and construction experience, having earned a national Red Seal carpentry qualification.

Prior to that he studied Divinity at a Canadian seminary, although decided that his faith could best be practiced from outside the church.

His decision to follow a carpentry career was a source of fun to friends who saw him following in Jesus’ footsteps!

Paul’s love for woodworking stems from his time at High School and working in the school’s workshop where he built his first solid oak desk.

The move to the Chippendale school was influenced by a desire to challenge himself and get back to the kind of woodworking he really enjoys – creating high quality pieces that can be appreciated and enjoyed for generations.

He hopes to return to Alberta after graduation and combine his home building experience with a parallel new career as a furniture designer.

As one of the more experienced woodworkers on the course, we look forward to seeing what he designs and makes.

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