Favourite things: Sam Maloof inspires Indian student

We’re being all nostalgic and taking a backwards look at some of the standout furniture made by the class of 2017/18, underlining how a  nine-month professional course at the Chippendale school gives students the skills they need for a career in fine woodworking.

Rohit Heda from Belgaum in the Indian state of Karnataka was one of three Indian students at the Chippendale school this year, and his standout piece was a beautiful walnut table with a shellac finish inspired by the late great Sam Maloof.

Rohit is a great admirer of Maloof, the American furniture designer best known for his rocking chairs.  Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan both owned Maloof rockers.

Maloof is also known for the beauty and simplicity of his designs, while making every piece of furniture absolutely ergonomic and fit for purpose.

Making the table involved a series of challenges – from completing the initial design to creating a template and former.

Last but not least, Rohit had to finesse the legs of his table to create a perfectly stable structure.

Rohit has now returned to his native city to open his own workshop, and take advantage of India’s fast-growing economy.

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