Favourite things: Settling on a table

We’re having a look back at some of the fantastic pieces of furniture that our students made this year, showing how a professional course at the Chippendale school allows students to embark on a new career.

Chris Daborn, originally from Surrey, created a settle that doubles up as a table, a piece of functional art made from “cat’s paw” oak and sycamore.

It’s a delightful piece because most furniture is designed for one purpose, so it’s always exciting when a beautifully-constructed piece has multi-functionality built into it.

“Cat’s paw” oak, or pippy oak, is so named because of the small knots and knot clusters that cover the timber board and which resemble a cat’s paws.

Before coming to the school, Chris worked in IT for a major public sector organisation in Norfolk, with a speciality in geographic information systems.

His table-settle has both form and function, combining a double purpose with design flourishes that include laser engraving on the sycamore drawer bottoms.

Chris and his wife have now returned to Norfolk and have set up 4th Dimension Furniture.

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