Keeping cool and staying ahead of the Feds

Shane Elliot is a Chippendale school graduate who is creating “furniture in motion” – based on an original design used during the American prohibition era.

His beautifully-constructed table, made from ebony maccassar, elm burr veneer and brushed antique brass, conceals a hidden interior compartment, a design developed in 1920s America when alcohol was banned.

You can see a fantastic video promotion here.

The original prohibition tables had a discreet mechanism that, with one touch, raised the top of the table and allowed access to the illicit alcohol bottles inside.

Shane, whose company, The Elliot Collection is based in Ibiza but with an international clientele, has taken that concept several steps further, with his tables having now been exhibited in London and at the world-acclaimed Design Show Shanghai in China.

His latest design development has been to team up with UK company Kaelo who supply patented cooling technology that creates a ‘jacket’ of cold air to keep bottles perfectly chilled.

His new prohibition table therefore combines a beautiful and unique design with the absolute practicality of an integrated wine cooler.

It reflects Shane’s passion for design that have glamour, humour and surprise, while also making them both beautiful and absolutely functional.

While his craftsmanship was learned at the Chippendale school, Shane is also a graduate of the KLC school of Interior design in London, giving him a broad perspective of the value of good design in contemporary interior spaces.

He’s had an enormously positive response for his new prohibition table, and we wish him every success.  We’ll bring you more news in due course!

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