Creating a 4th Dimension

Chris Daborn is a new member of the Fine Furniture Guild, who has just set up in business in Norfolk.

His company, 4th Dimension Furniture, will specialise “in the creation of beautiful, high quality pieces by mixing traditional skills, materials and techniques with modern innovations to give results that are truly unique.

“Why 4th Dimension?  Furniture is of course by nature 3D – the extra dimension we offer is one created through the collaboration between you as a discerning individual and us the maker.”

Chris is a very gifted cabinetmaker, and his signature piece at the Chippendale school was a settle that doubles up as a table, a piece of functional art made from “cat’s paw” oak and sycamore.

Before coming to the school, Chris worked in IT for a major public sector organisation, with a speciality in geographic information systems.

We wish Chris every success in the 4th Dimension.

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