Giving pointers to Kobi

It’s always amazing what our one-month intermediate students can make, and we’re sure that Sarah Quick will be no exception.

We introduced the intermediate course last year to fill a gap between our one-week introductory course and the intensive 30-week professional course.

Sarah, from Midlothian, is a former development manager at the Scottish Rugby Union and a keen woodworking hobbyist.

“I want to learn more about turning raw materials into finished products,” she says.

Her first project is to design and make a beech cabinet, complete with drawers and sliding doors, as a dog cage for her English pointer, Kobi.

It will therefore be a practical piece of furniture, and making it will teach Sarah many of the skills to take her hobby into a small business specialising in making furniture for dogs in the home.

Our intermediate courses are primarily taught by staff member Alan McGovern who has 33 years of woodworking experience.

To maximise the amount of one-to-one tuition, the courses only have two students at any one time and there are no formal start and end dates, to better ensure that tuition can be fitted around students’ other commitments.

We’ll let you know how Sarah’s cabinet progresses, and what Kobi thinks of the finished article.

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