A dream to be proud of

Charlie Camp’s beech drinks cabinet, veneered with mahogany, satinwood and walnut, is a thing of functional purpose and great beauty.

It combines elegance and a sense of light, with exterior and interior mirrors watergilded in 24 carat gold.

It’s therefore a cabinet that demands to be noticed and which deserves to be the centre of attention in any room.

Charlie has called the piece the In Her Dreams cabinet after a close friend who died while Charlie was at the Chippendale school.

Charlie, from Wellington in New Zealand, has made a number of other great pieces during her time at the school, including an oak and ash settle that also doubles up as a blanket box.

Charlie came to the school having completed a four-year building apprenticeship with her father’s NZ building company, and did therefore have a good grounding in woodwork.

She will now be putting her craftsmanship and fine design skills to good use by taking incubation space at the school and setting up Charlie Camp Furniture.

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