Coffee and mahogany

Joshua Godbert, from Herefordshire, has shown himself to be a skilled craftsman able to execute both design and making with panache.

A previous piece was a complex oak and yew cabinet, with spalted beech shelves and drawer, with an internal arch comprising several pieces of oak that had to be precisely coopered for a perfect fit.

He’s now completed a sycamore coffee table with a sunburst geometric pattern in mahogany veneer, creating an entirely functional piece of furniture to an excellent standard.

It’s a reflection of his skill that Joshua came to us straight from school with no background in woodworking, although a one-week introductory course at the Chippendale school confirmed that woodworking was the right career option for him.

Joshua’s longer-term ambition is to set up his own company although, after graduation next week, he intends to gain more experience in a woodworking business in his home county of Hertfordshire.

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