An oak frame for an old saint

Gianluca Caregnato, from near Milan in northern Italy, has already completed a wonderful ash rocking chair and a beautiful art nouveau-inspired oak desk with no less than 54 intricately-formed pieces of walnut veneer.

Now he’s turned his talents to a small project that he’s carrying out on behalf of his mother who is a keen amateur painter and who has reproduced a small picture of Saint Cecilia, the patron saint of musicians, from a stained glass window in a nearby church.

The image of devotion required a simple yet elegant frame, which Gianluca has hand-carved in stained oak and which is seen here framing a black-and-white copy of the more colourful stained glass image.

Gianluca originally studied agriculture at technical school in Italy and first came to us on one of our one week introductory courses which are designed to give students a chance to consider whether a long-term career in woodworking is the best option for them.

Gianluca has proved to be a first-rate designer and maker, earning a school prize for his first-term project, a pine bedside cabinet veneered with rosewood, and also creating his outstanding rocking chair.

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