Polish Joanna stays on in Scotland

Polish ex-student Joanna Majewska, who graduated last year, is an example that staying on in  incubation space is an option to start your own business.

Joanna is a former graphic designer who, after seven years working in marketing agencies in Warsaw, decided on a more practical and hands-on career.

Having graduated, she now works with Ogilvies of Haddington who have a workshop on the Chippendale campus, while also designing and making pieces for her own business, FurniturePhilosophy.

Joanna is pictured, above, with one of her designs – a walnut chair and side table that she will be selling through her website www.furniturephilosophy.com

Since last summer she has been working with Ewan Ogilvie and two other members of his team on a variety of kitchens, studies and restoration projects – while learning new skills and gaining experience.

Joanna was a stand-out student last year, and her signature piece was a quirky, steampunk, round drinks cabinet that was inspired by the internal mechanism of a clock – incorporating an array of oak gears that form the locking mechanism for the cabinet.

The cabinet itself was covered with rosewood veneer and partly with brass and, inside, there was a half-oval mirror and two shelves.

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