Our one week introductory course…places still available

Peter Allen from south London is a retired psychologist and came on one of our one week introductory courses last year.  Here’s his experience:

“The Chippendale course was, for me, one of those ‘you get out what you put in’ opportunities. I think we all got there on time or early every morning and had to be reminded to leave in the evenings.

“The course and the approach quickly built community, was entertaining and instructive. I cannot think of any other tuition I’ve undertaken when I was ‘let loose’ – with supervision – to use such a great range of equipment and techniques.

“When I finished I was determined not to let the renewed enthusiasm go but there were some obstacles. I had no space at home, no workbench, blunt or rusty tools – that sort of thing.

“As I’ve now retired, the room in my house that was the ‘home office’ has now become the ‘home workshop’. I mainly use this for finer work and finishing – but I am always on the lookout to find a larger space for heavy work and the messier parts.

“My first project was two bedside tables in oak, poplar and teak, followed by a commission for a ‘memories box’ with a secret compartment.  Then came a fun chalet and ski themed notice board for my daughter’s wedding and more tables, including a spalted beech coffee table with a Derbyshire-made steel frame.

“My interest is in making simple, functional pieces with clean lines. I’m fortunate in having a timber yard nearby that sells a broad range of hardwoods so I am always experimenting.

“The Chippendale course certainly reignited my woodworking passion!”

There are still places available on our next introductory courses which will take place on 19th to 23rd March and 25th to 29th June.

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