Anselm Fraser, Chippendale school principal

School launches new intermediate course

The Chippendale school is excited to announce the introduction of a new one-month intermediate course.

This fills an identified gap between our one-week introductory course and our nine-month professional course.

The very popular one-week course gives students a taste of woodworking, while giving them useful DIY skills.

Students who take a one-week course and who then enrol on our professional course also have their one-week course fees reimbursed.

It’s proved successful in helping students decide if life as a professional furniture designer is the right option for them.

However, only offering introductory and professional courses excluded potential students who wanted more advanced skills, without the intention of becoming a fully-trained woodworker.

Our intermediate course will meet that demand and will primarily be taught by staff member Alan McGovern who has 33 years of woodworking experience.

The intermediate course will only have two students at any one time to maximise the amount of one-to-one tuition, and there will be no formal start and end dates, to better ensure that tuition can be fitted around students’ other commitments.

The course will not only teach practical skills, but give students a benchwork project to design and build a solid-wood small table – for example, a coffee table, card table, hall table or bedside table.

“This course is ideal for woodworking enthusiasts who want to quickly develop their skills and take their hobby to the next level,” said Anselm Fraser, school principal.

Further details of the new intermediate course will shortly be posted on our website.

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