In with the new…a New Year resolution

New Year is when we traditionally make our resolutions for the year.

Most of the time, those resolutions are pretty small – to do a bit more exercise, or lose a bit of weight.

Mostly, however, we’ve all but forgotten about them come mid-January!

But, just sometimes, a resolution can last a lifetime and take you on a journey you’ve always wanted to go on.

A resolution to become a professional furniture designer and maker is a bit like that.  You’re in an unfulfilling job…but have always wanted to work with wood and be your own boss.

Many of our students at the Chippendale school fall into that category.  Have a look at recent student profiles, and you’ll see that many of them after graduation will be embarking on second careers as woodworkers.

It’s all about realising that another year has gone past, and then realising that now is perhaps a good time to turn that dream into a reality.

The good news is that you may be eligible for a £1,000 early bird discount – but only until the end of January.

So, for this year’s New Year’s resolution, why not think big?

To help you decide, you can email us, speak to us via Skype or, best of all, come and visit.  We’re here to help you decide if woodworking really is for you.

Details of our 2018/19 course can be found here

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