From New Zealand to Scotland

Charlie Camp, from Wellington in New Zealand, already knows a thing or two about wood, having completed a four-year building apprenticeship.

Born in Grimsby in the north-east of England, Charlie and her parents moved to New Zealand when she was six-months-old.

She completed her apprenticeship working for her father’s NZ building company, learning everything to do with site carpentry – from timber framing and roofing to house restoration.

She does therefore have a grounding in woodwork, with some of the basic skills needed to work in furniture design and making.

She decided to train as a fine woodworker because she wants the freedom that comes with self-employment.

She also wants to upskill what she already knows and to be able to express herself creatively in furniture design.

Her plan is to remain in Scotland after graduation and, initially, to find employment in a woodworking business.

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