A Kiwi link across the world

The Chippendale school prides itself on being a truly international school, with students from across the world.

We doubt there is another furniture school anywhere with the same international reach, underlining our reputation in many countries worldwide.

But as the school continues to develop and adapt each year, we have been looking not only at how we function internally but also to learn from the experience of others.

This year we have made connections and partnerships with the Leith School of Art and the Edinburgh College of Art and Tom Fraser, our deputy principal, has just returned from a trip to New Zealand where he visited the Centre for Fine Woodworking.

This is a fantastic school in the South Island near Nelson that is going from strength to strength, teaching the traditional techniques of cabinet making to small groups of students.

His visit involved the sharing of information between our two schools, each positioned on opposite sides of the world, and was both fascinating and incredibly useful.

We hope to continue to work together over the coming years by sharing ideas on best practice and by facilitating exchange visits between staff members.

“Although we’ve been in business for over thirty years, it’s important that we benchmark ourselves against what other schools are teaching,” said Tom Fraser.

“It’s also important to recognise that, however good we are, we can always learn from other schools and to understand how fine furniture making is taught in another country.

“It was a most worthwhile visit, with lovely people, and everyone at the Chippendale school is looking forward to building a close working relationship in the years ahead with our friends in New Zealand,” he said.

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