Changing attitudes the Joshua way

One of the great frustrations shared by all furniture design schools is that the option of fine furniture making is not a career option that schools tend to recommend to their pupils.

That’s because it’s a career they don’t know much about because – and maybe all furniture schools are at fault here – we haven’t shouted about it enough.

It’s a frustration that we’re determined to do something about, and are now actively seeking to better engage with government in Scotland and London – to try and change perceptions and the careers advice given to young people.

Which is why it’s particularly nice to welcome Joshua Godbert from Hertfordshire, a young student who has come to us straight from school.

He didn’t much fancy going onto college or university, but had always been creative and practical – studying CDT at both GCSE and A level.

However, it wasn’t until the school did some marketing to careers guidance teachers throughout the UK, that his school suggested fine furniture design and making as a career option.

That led Joshua to enrol in a short course at the Chippendale school, which confirmed that woodworking was something that he’d like to do.

His longer-term ambition is to return to Hertfordshire and to stay in woodworking.

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