Gamekeeper turned woodworker designs bespoke gun safe and deer trophies

A former gamekeeper turned furniture designer has created a gun cabinet that meets all safety requirements while turning it into a thing of considerable beauty.

Zak Case, who studied gamekeeping and wildlife management at Elmwood College in Fife, and went on to work experience on an estate in Sutherland, is also a qualified blacksmith.

His passion for the outdoors and working with his hands led to an interest in exploring the creativity of furniture design, and to a year-long immersive course at the Chippendale school.

Bringing his practical hunting and shooting background with him, he designed and made a gun safe in spalted beech and sycamore, with antler handles and brass details.

The main section of the gun safe is designed to turn outwards and reveal the metal cabinet hidden inside, turning the ugly practicality of the cabinet itself into beautifully-crafted storage space.

Zak’s bespoke cabinet also incorporates display shelves, a large longer cabinet and a set of two smaller cabinets for storing away walking or shooting sticks fishing rods and and fly boxes  – taking the clutter out of outdoor pursuits.

His new business, Crazy Hare Design is also offering estates and individuals a unique way to immortalise the gold, silver and bronze medal classification of deer trophies.

From his gamekeeping experience and skills learned at the Chippendale school, he can prepare, gild and mount a deer’s skull in gold, silver or bronze leaf – a hugely-decorative way to celebrate a sporting success.

The inspiration came to him when he shot a deer on his 21st birthday on an estate in Fife – and which (pictured) he has now gilded with copper leaf.

“The idea for my business, which is based in workshops adjacent to the Chippendale school, is to use everything I have learned as a gamekeeper and woodworker, and to provide the countryside community with practical solutions for everyday storage problems,” said Zak.

“On top of that I will, of course, be providing a wider service to customers wanting bespoke furniture of any type.”

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