The 007 table on Her Majesty’s Secret Service to Shanghai

The fictional British spy loves his gadgets, from cyanide cigarettes to Geiger counter wristwatches, and from lipstick gas grenades to exploding alarm clocks.

The intricate hand-made table has a discreet mechanism that, at the touch of a button, lowers the top of the table into a secret compartment.

The ebony and walnut table has been exhibited in London over the summer, and is now set to feature at the world-acclaimed Design Show Shanghai in China next March.

Its design is the brainchild of Shane Elliot, a graduate this year of the renowned Chippendale International School of Furniture, one of the world’s leading furniture design and restoration schools.

The Design Show Shanghai is one of the world’s major exhibitions, bringing the very best of British and European design to an Asian audience.

The 007 table is based on an earlier design used in 1920s America during the prohibition era when alcohol was banned. The tables became a useful place to hide illicit alcohol.

Shane has been taking commissions for other “furniture in motion” pieces from a number of upmarket clubs and bars and private customers in the UK, and believes that bespoke furniture design has no international borders.

“The 007 table is a unique talking point, and can usefully function as a drinks cabinet or hiding place, whether or not you’re a secret agent,” said Shane.

“China is the perfect place to now exhibit the table and showcase how traditional woodworking skills and modern thinking can produce furniture that has international appeal, not just for your eyes only!” he said.

Shane can be contacted at shane.elliot@theelliotcollection.com

+44 (0) 7779 301007

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