Workshop improvements give students more bench space

Anselm wanted to ensure his tutors were kept busy during the summer holidays so they’ve been refurbishing the main workshop and creating more space round student benches.

Newly refurbished student workshop | Chippendale School
Anselm motivating the workers.

“Because we are a not-for-profit organisation, we are continually reinvesting in our buildings and facilities. Every year we make improvements. Our students wanted more space round their benches so we decided to make our workshop even bigger,” says Anselm Fraser. “We’ve also put in another huge woodburning stove to keep everyone warm in the winter.”

The Chippendale School studio workshop covers a massive 5,500 sq ft studio workshop so that everyone works together and is not split up into small workshops. What’s more every student has 2 dedicated benches (one clean and one dirty!) with lots of space to design and make pieces of furniture.

The monster wood-burning stove!
The monster wood-burning stove!

It’s a great environment for collaborating and sharing banter with colleagues. There are also 5 separate machine rooms just outside the main workshop to reduce the amount of noise and dust.

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