A message from Moscow: news from Dmitriy

A short blog by Dmitriy Panteleyev who graduated from the Chippendale International School of Furniture, one of the UK’s leading cabinet making schools, in June 2012.

Since its mid October, I just wanted to wish everyone at Chippendale Furniture to have a great school year.

I, myself, am doing fairly well, at least, I feel that so far everything is going according to plan. I’m working for an antique furniture and interior restoration firm in Moscow (fourth month now), and I do enjoy it quite a bit. The job pays well, and it allows me to achieve two things:

  • to save money for my future business and build on my practical skills; and
  • to get acquainted with the Moscow market (without being under too much pressure myself).

Probably the best part about this job is the opportunity to work on projects beyond just furniture, which to me, has been a great experience. I’ve been involved in two interior restoration projects so far, one of which was an on-site restoration of Art Noveau oak interiors in a late 19th century mansion which will soon become an Australian embassy, and on the interior of a 19th century literature museum.

In other words, everything is fairly good so far, and with some luck it’s going to stay that way.

Please say hi from me to Allan, Graham, Clair and everyone else. I’ll make sure to stay in touch…


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