Chippendale School of Furniture Celebrates with Student Exhibition

Matthew Meyerhoff's throne
Matthew Meyerhoff's throne

The Chippendale International School of Furniture is hosting its annual student exhibition and furniture sale on Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th of June between 6 and 8pm. Anyone interested in seeing and buying the classical and contemporary furniture produced by the 20 students, is invited to come along and enjoy a complimentary glass of wine. The School is located at Myreside Grange near Gifford, East Lothian (on the Haddington Road).

Regarded as one of the UK’s leading furniture making colleges and currently with a full student roll, the Chippendale School runs intensive nine month courses based round a cosmopolitan, woodworking community. With ages ranging from 21 to 55, more than a quarter of the students are from overseas: Spain, New Zealand, Russia, Canada and the US. This year’s students’ backgrounds range from IT, the police and army, to the professions, teaching and post graduates with creative degrees.

One student, Matthew Meyerhoff, originally from Scotland was a simulator pilot working in Dubai. Matthew decided to learn about furniture making and woodworking because he wanted to work with his hands in a creative way.

michael-meyerhoffs-throne_chippendale-furniture_chisel-img_0144“I’ve always been interested in building things. I considered other furniture making courses but they were 3 years long and I felt that was too slow, I wanted to be producing immediately. The main attraction of the Chippendale International School of Furniture was the intensive 9 month course and the large amount of hands-on bench time.”

“I’ve found the course amazing and have really enjoyed it. A colossal amount of information is fired at us every day. However, if you happen to miss something you can refer to the tutors for extra help at any time.  The twenty students are an eclectic bunch, giving you access to over twenty different styles and opinions. You feel the buzz as soon as you come into the workshop in the morning.”

“We have had some really interesting external visits to places like the Burrell Collection and also had some inspiring experts visit the school for week or two week courses. They’ve taught us about gilding, stained glass, carving, furniture restoration and Windsor chair making.”

“I have completed 3 major projects this year.  Each one is different, employing new skills and techniques.  I have made a “Throne” out of sweet chestnut, a veneered table with an inverted arched body and my final piece is a glass panelled, corner display cabinet.  Apart from the major projects, I have also made many smaller items to refine my skills.”

“After graduating I will be developing my own business. ‘Cottage Woodwork’ will be based in the Chippendale Incubation Centre. I will focus on Furniture making, building customised kitchens and libraries, as well as renovating old properties.”curved-table-by-michael-meyerhoff_chisel-img_0151

“I‘m looking forward to the next challenge!”

The next furniture making course starts in mid-October 2012 and there are still two or three spaces available for aspiring craftsmen and women.

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