How a new Chippendale Furniture student has been inspired by his Grandfather, a cabinet maker

Some examples of the pieces of furniture created by a student during his 9 month course

A blog by a British army officer Lieutenant Colonel Guy Harnby who will become a student in October 2011

What made you choose the Chippendale International School of Furniture?

A friend and neighbour, Stuart Janion, was a former student of the school some 8 years ago and he recommended the Chippendale School of Furniture.  He and his wife spent a very happy year living near the School in the Gifford area.

What are the attractions of furniture design and making?

Having spent nearly 30 years as a soldier, the idea of making and designing furniture offers new and exciting challenges; my Grandfather had been a cabinet maker at a firm in York for 40 years and I have a number of his pieces of furniture to inspire me!

Can you tell us something about your career in the army?

I joined the army in Berlin in 1982 before the wall came down, and have been privileged enough to serve in Norway, Denmark, Canada, USA, Zimbabwe, Cyprus, Bosnia, Iraq, Nepal, Northern Ireland and mainland UK, including the MOD in London.

I was commissioned into The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers in 1981 as a Second Lieutenant and will leave as a Lieutenant Colonel in October 2011.

More pieces of students' furniture
More pieces of students' furniture

What are your motivations, aims and ambitions as a student on the furniture design course?

I have spent the past year actively involved in the Casualty Management area of wounded soldiers returning from the conflict in Afghanistan, and in Soldier Recovery.

I want to get involved in reintegrating sick, injured and wounded soldiers into society through the medium of wood and furniture making, and have a number of ideas to take the idea forward in the next 5 years!  More to follow in time!

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