Smith & Rodger

When it comes to polish there’s only one supplier for me and that’s Smith & Rodger in Glasgow.  With a pedigree of 130 years, these guys know their polishes.  But they aren’t just knowledgeable.  They are also very friendly with slick customer service.  They label their products exceptionally clearly and they always deliver my purchases within a day or two of me placing the order.

I’ve been in the furniture making business for nearly 30 years and I have only once used one of their competitors.  It was a mistake I came to regret and I have never used anyone apart from Smith & Rodger since.  I can’t recommend them highly enough; either to the students on my woodworking courses or to you.

Smith & Rodger

34 Elliot Street

Glasgow G3 8EA

Tel: 0141 248 6341
Fax: 0141 248 6475

Email: info@smithandrodger.co.uk
Web:  www.frenchpolishes.com

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