The course as a whole will be the most rewarding education I have received to reach my goals as a furniture maker/designer to date.
(Peter Schmitt, USA)

9 months that goes by pretty quickly. Many friends made for life. Skills that would be more difficult to learn elsewhere. A lot of practical knowledge in woodworking skills and business.
(Kevin Crawford, USA)

Well-organised 30-week course which helped me learn various woodworking skills. It has been one of the most intense 9 months in my life, from 8 till 8, 5½ days a week, but I enjoyed every minute.
(Steve Ahn, South Korea)

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt a lot on it that I will take with me into setting up my business as a furniture maker.
(Zach Evelyn, Barbados)

It was an adventurous experience for me. It gave me courage and new world. I am blessed a lot with good mates, good tutors, fine machinery and best environment!
(Michiko Kakiuchi, Japan)

The course was what I expected, fast-paced in a short time. It gave a foundation to build on skill-wise.
(Jonathan Van Camp, Canada)

The school teaches you advanced woodworking techniques without scaring you. This, together with the unique opportunity of building your own designs from the very beginning of the course, gives you the most invaluable learning experience which gives you the confidence to experiment and build anything.
(Yana Molotok, Russia)

I feel the school has prepared me perfectly to go out into the world with confidence.
(Sam Rouse, USA)

Best year of madness and fun, I enjoyed almost every second. The ability to design and make whatever you wanted was supported excellently by the tutors.
(Dan Brophy, Ireland)

The learning environment at Chippendale was just perfect. You are encouraged to stretch the boundaries.
(Maxi Ruhl, Germany)