Autumn term: 8 October – 14 December 2018 (10 weeks)

Spring term: 7 January – 15 March 2019 (10 weeks)

Summer term: 8 April – 14 June 2019 (10 weeks)

An investment in your future

Our intensive course, covering skills from practical furniture making to design, restoration and commercial skills, is the equivalent of at least three years at college. Our syllabus is designed to be more effective than other furniture making courses in both the UK and internationally.

This approach allows us to equip students for a future in furniture making in only 36 weeks (including Christmas and Easter breaks) .

Course Fees

Evidence of your ability to cover course fees and living expenses is naturally a pre – requisite of enrolment.

The course fee of £19,750 covers:

  • All tuition
  • The use of hand and machine tools
  • All materials (within reason)
  • Entrance fees to museums and private houses

Student Bursaries

The Chippendale school offers a limited number of travel bursaries to overseas students, which are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Please contact us for further information.

Professional Career and Development Loans

The Chippendale school is approved for Professional Career & Development Loans – Registration No 4991. PCDLs are administered by the Co-Operative Bank.

Course Payment Schedule

A deposit of £3,000, payable on enrolment, secures a place on the course. The balance of the tuition fees of £16,750 is payable one month before the start of the course. This balance may be reduced by an Earlybird discount, if you register early.

Payment in Foreign Currency (overseas students only)

With students from around the world, the Chippendale school recognises that currency movements can impact on course fees. To mitigate against such fluctuations, the school will accept payment of fees at the following fixed rates for 2019/20:

  • UK £ 19,750 Deposit = UK £ 3,000
  • US $ 25,000 Deposit = US $ 3,900 (exchange rate = 1.3)
  • EUR € 21,000 Deposit = EUR € 3,300 (exchange rate = 1.1)

International students can choose which of the above currencies to use when making payment of fees to the school. In this way the school takes the currency risk – the maximum you will pay is $25,000 or €21,000 and you may end up paying considerably less. As an example, for a US citizen, if the £/$ exchange rate were to move to, say, 1.2, it would cost less to exchange US $ to UK £19,750. However, if the exchange rate were to move to, say, 1.4, paying 25,000 in US$ would cost less.

Note : If in doubt, international students should seek professional financial advice on the most preferential method of settling school fees, based on currency values at the time of settlement.

Tools and Equipment

The Chippendale School provides for your use on the course most of the tools you will need to become proficient in woodworking and furniture making. The only tools that a student is required to purchase (supplied by the School) are a set of Pfeil carving chisels (approx £200) and a robust personal dust mask (approx £250).

Accommodation and Living

The cost of accommodation is approximately £4,500 (depending on the type of accommodation). The Chippendale school is well known in the local community and we have a range of approved accommodation which we can put you in touch with.

Why an intensive course makes more sense financially

We’ve designed the course to provide you with the best value possible. For those changing career, a 3 – year course is often unaffordable (due to loss of earnings and the need to cover living expenses over three years). That’s why our furniture course is designed to provide you with the same furniture design and woodworking skill – set in just 9 months – with about 30% more practical bench time compared to longer 3 year courses.

When taking into account loss of earnings * while attending as a student, and the number of hours ** spent actually working at the bench on this intensive course, we are confident that our course fee represents excellent value for money, even when compared with highly – subsidised government training courses. At our School you spend 24 hours each week under supervision and a further optional 24 hours each week unsupervised.

* Average annual UK wage = £26,500: potential loss of earnings over two additional years = £53,000.

** Practical bench time on our intensive course = up to 1,440 hours over 30 weeks.

Practical bench time at typical government training centre = 900 hours over 3 years.

Approved Education Provider for UK Student Visas

The School is approved by UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) as a Tier 4 Registered Sponsor – Licence No 9K4C1UF57 .